Being a Leader in Transparency

Source: FY2019-20 Citizen Budget Survey

Source: FY2019-20 Citizen Budget Survey

Residents’ input was gathered through the budget survey, Budget Connect, an online forum and public hearings. The Drinking Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report detailed monitoring and testing conducted through hundreds of tests each week to protect the water supply. The police department launched an open data portal, providing residents with access to crime statistics and data regarding police activities. Community engagement developed relationships and exchanged information with residents and businesses, while gathering information to guide decisions and connecting people with resources.

Open Data Portal:Police

The Department implemented an open data policy to enhance transparency and to improve efficiency related to fulling statistical information on department operations. Through an easy to navigate web portal, any person or organization can pull calls-for-service, arrest/booking, and general offense information directly from the department website without the need for staff involvement. This has a positive impact not only on staff time but also on transparency and engagement as the information is provided quickly and efficiently.

Community Outreach

Police employees, both sworn and civilian, engaged the community through 151 community outreach events, community meetings, open houses, and crime prevention services connecting with more than 700 of participants. The Chandler Fire Department held numerous open houses, demonstrations, as well as station tours. These events, engaging approximately 2500 people, allowed citizens to explore the stations and administration building to gain a more in-depth understanding of the Department’s operations and structures.

Body Cameras

All first responders, through the rank of sergeant, wear a body worn camera to record police and citizen contacts which may result enforcement action. These cameras have been instrumental in capturing the incident from the officer’s point of view.  The cameras have aided prosecutors and courts in adjudicating criminal complaints and have proved incredibly important in resolving complaints against personnel.


Development Processes


Processed 87 Zoning Cases

Zoning is one of the most important tools used by cities to implement its General Plan, specifying the areas in which residential, industrial, recreational or commercial activities may take place.  Zoning is the way governments manage the physical development of land within its boundaries and the kinds of uses to which each individual property may be put.

GIS Interactive Maps Produced for Development Rezoning Cases, Public Works and Utility Projects

Current zoning cases can be viewed on an interactive map that can be searched by case number, location or name. The map also includes city zoning and group home locations. Similarly, road restriction information is available to the public on an interactive map containing information that includes the entity performing the work, duration of the restriction, a brief description and contact.

Neighborhood Notification of Development Cases

Adjoining property owners are notified when property is up for rezoning and quite often impact any or all aspects of the development being proposed. Ultimately, changes resulting from public input are reflected in the zoning ordinance regulating how the parcel of ground is developed.

Community Engagement

Outlined Entitlement Process to Provide Clarity for Development Community

Information that outlines the required steps and typical timelines associated with the City's planning and zoning process are provided online to assist developers when submitting projects to the City for review and approval.

GAIN 3.jpg

Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods

The Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods (G.A.I.N.) events took place on Saturday, Oct. 20, at various neighborhood throughout the City. Neighborhood Services staff chartered a bus and provided a tour for the Chandler City Council, Neighborhood Advisory Committee and staff. Chandler Police also hosted a G.A.I.N. kick-off event and provided guidance on how to host an event. The Police Chief, commanders, officers and staff, along with and various Police resources (K-9s, McGruff the Crime Fighting Dog, etc.) also make appearances at several G.A.I.N. events. 

Mayors Listening Tour.JPG

Mayor’s Listening Tour

Mayor Jay Tibshraeny hosted two Listening Tours at Chandler schools. Hundreds of residents attended and were able to engage with City Councilmembers, management and staff. Many questions were answered and valuable feedback was provided at various table discussions.